2003: Embracing an Inland Sea Living in Community around Lake Superior
Lake Superior Youth Symposium 2003 Program (Adobe PDF 180k)
2003 Symposium PR
What Students learned from 2003 Symposium
Thanks to Local Sponsors of Copper Country students

2003 Symposium Closing Ceremony

Students’ Responses to “What I learned at the symposium….”

  • Turn off the lights.
  • Solar power is cool.
  • What I do can impact others.
  • I’m going to use more eco-friendly products.
  • To be thinking of the bigger picture.
  • I’m going to use those spiral light bulbs.
  • How beautiful Lake Superior is, and I want to protect the lake.
  • I want to protect my “home.”
  • I learned what we do to a river can impact the big lake.
  • Puppets were cool!
  • I liked meeting diverse people.
  • I like meeting the Canadians.
  • Think more about the products we buy.
  • I feel recharged!
  • Try to recycle more at home.
  • Jeff Rennicke’s stories about Lake Superior.
  • Respect and beauty of Lake Superior that we often take for granted.
  • Sustainable foods---made me realize the impact of our choices.
  • Our world is affected by our actions.
  • Smallest decisions we make everyday can have an impact.